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Thomas Fire Update

On Tuesday the 5th December 2017, My home and studio burned to ashes in the Thomas Fire along with my merchandise, and 9 completed original paintings and 8 works in progress, sketchbooks and sculptures.

Thanks to your donations and support I’ve returned to painting almost every day. I am still gratefully accepting donations, but am back behind the easel and making art again.

If you would like to donate you can click this link and it’ll take you to my go-fund-me account. Otherwise I have relaunched my web store and and you can support me buy buying some artwork by clicking this link to go right to my store.

My first paintings after the fire were a series of Phoenix paintings (pictured to the right) where I used the black ash from my burned home as the background layer so the phoenix is literally rising from the ashes of my former life.

I find it funny that I painted the ‘Jester and the Jack’O’Lantern’ a few months before the fire. The painting, which was incinerated in the fire, ended up being a true story for me. It began as a statement about standing up to the challenges life places before you and growing through the trial. In the end, I literally found myself standing before a wall of flame, and like that person in the ring of flame, I’m not backing down from the challenge. Like the Phoenix, I’ve risen above the ash, stronger, renewed and ready for the next chapter.

I’m working to update my gallery page with a few new paintings and have reopened my web store to which I am constantly adding new products which you can visit by clicking here. And again, to those who just want to donate, you can still do so through my gofundme page here.

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“From the Ashes” by Vajra 2018. Acrylic and Ashes on Canvas 16”x20”. Sold
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“Forged in Fire” by Vajra 2018. Acrylic and Ashes on Canvas 12”x12” Available for $1111
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“The Jester and the Jack’O’Lantern” by Vajra 2017 Acrylic on Wood, perished in the Thomas Fire.

Thanks again so much for your kind wishes and support!

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