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6-18-2013 - To the left is the current painting all blocked in and nearly ready to paint.

There are a few things I would still like to change however; I began rendering the face but the eyes are a tad bug-eyed for my liking and the muzzle is a little off.

Also, I intend to change some of the colors and couple design elements in the alien chest-piece pendant. I may do some editing with some of the feathers in the headdress as well and I may narrow the temple at the top.

A shape to change here, a color there, but the final painting is taking shape!

After a few busy weeks, I can get back to work with a redefined sense of purpose.

"Tzab Ek" (In Progress) Acrylic on Board 24"x36"
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"Feather Study" 11"x14" Aug 2013. While rendering the final painting, I ran into some difficulty with the feathers. I have never painted real feathers before, so I painted this still life with the help of a friend's molting (and well-cared for) parrots
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Here was a rough block in of the transferred drawing. As you can see, much has changed since then. I began painting around the middle of April 2013
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Here is the completed composite sketch. ready for projection onto the final board for painting.
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Once I had an idea that gave the initial sketch a story worth telling, I worked it into a more substantial sketch, but it still needed more work.
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Following the Advice of Artist James Gurney, I have constructed a maquette, based on my sketches, and photographed it under the lighting I see fit for the painting. This way I can paint as true to life as possible. What I have learned from this little model is invaluable in my journey to bring this vision to life.

"Tzab Ek Maquette", March 2013, modeling clay, paper and acrylic
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A sketch to work out a better design for the necklace, one which conveys the theme of the painting better.
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The initial sketch which inspired the painting. I did this as a doodle, as a warm up, to spark my creativity as I worked on drawings for the totemic piece I am creating for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The Story Behind the Painting

I have recently begun Tzab Ek, which means Rattlesnake's tale and also refers to the Pleiadean Cluster in the Mayan Language. I hope This piece brings attention to the movement to disclose the role extraterrestrials have had in our species' evolution.

The vision portrays a Mayan man in full regalia, bedecked with a headdress and collar which tell of a historic and long standing relationship between the people of earth and other planets - a history long ago co-opted and withheld from the people of this planet.

The Maya themselves, as well as the Egyptians, Sumerians, the Inca, The Chinese, Japanese, The Dogon of Africa, as well as, but not limited to, numerous Native North American Tribes, credit "Sun Gods" - descended from the stars - for everything they know of mathematics, architecture, astrology and various other fields of knowledge (some even with humanity's genetic evolution).

I don't think this is a coincidence, or a myth. Their stories have too much in common. They all point to the same celestial bodies, usually either the nebula in Orion or the Pleiadean constellation (shown behind the Mayan Figure) as the point of origin for their extraterrestrial benefactors. They all tell of a great flood as well that occurred roughly ten thousand years ago, which obliterated the cultures we created using alien technology. Over 72 world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, all recount this flood, which likely came at the end of the last Ice Age - ten thousand years ago.

For those of you who don't know, the dominant paradigm is that we had just discovered agriculture ten thousand years ago. Well then how is it that there are pyramids, sunken off of the coast of Japan which we can literally carbon date to prove that they went underwater ten to twelve thousand years ago? I'm not making this up, and the story we are told does not match the available evidence.

This evidence is most prevalent when examining the stone structures of antiquity. There are pyramids, not just in egypt, but in South America, Central and north America, buried throughout China, and sunken off of the coast of Japan. While we have been told a story that these pyramids were tombs or temples built by slaves with copper tools (which don't even cut stone), out of blocks sometimes weighing in at 100, 200, even 1000 TONS (way to big to move even with today's technology) sometimes cut from quarries miles away, and constructed with degree of precision again impossible given even our current level of technology, it becomes clear to the critical thinker that the story we are given is a red herring.

We know that there are extraterrestrial species who continue to this day to monitor and express concern for our species and earth - what is so far fetched about the notion that they saw some smart apes and decided to encourage their evolution, be it biologically or merely culturally, in the hopes that we would one day join the ranks of the interstellar community.

Upon examining the evidence, it is clear to me that the Maya interacted perhaps even frequently with these alien benefactors as evidenced in their art, architecture, mythology, and impossibly complex understanding of celestial cycles, some of which unfold over the course of hundreds or thousands of human lifetimes.

This painting is not to glorify the Maya, but to call attention to a salient example of interstellar cooperation and all we stand to gain with such an alliance. I hope that in our lifetime, we cultivate a sufficient degree of peace on earth that we may again learn from these vastly advanced societies and develop the Utopia we all know is possible. Imagine the possibilities of all the information and technology we would avail ourselves to if we were to reach out once more to the hand that's always been there.

Upon completing the painting, I intend to approach either the Resonance project, headed by physicist and mystic Nassim Haramein, or Steven Greer's Sirius Foundation (his publicly funded lab for the development of free energy technology, which functions around the same space-time geometry and physics which are behind the energy and propulsion of E.T. craft. I hope to arrange, with one organization or the other, a celebrity auction to raise funds for their organizations. Both men are doing all they can to bring the world the truth, as well as save the planet in what little time we have left.

For more on, credible information regarding aliens and our hidden history or to look further into Haramein's or Dr. Greer's work, please visit Nissim's website, and Dr. Greer's Both men have presentations and discussions readily available on youtube.

Thank you for your time and support, please wish me luck as I embark on this painting.