"Heart of the Hive" Acrylic on 18"x18" Board

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NOTE:This painting is finished. I am merely awaiting Kyle's Album to be complete before sharing the art with the world!

Recently my friend Kyle of Honeybrew asked if I was interested in creating some album art along the lines of a queen bee gazing at some sacred geometry. I thought with all their magic and the mysteries of space-time geometry, how could I go wrong?

In the hive, bees work in total darkness, creating their hexagonal palaces from a wax gland on their heads with beautiful precision. They communicate by dancing - sensing one another's vibrations as a complex map detailing the loci of floral abundance. Our Apian allies are responsible for more than 1/3 of all the food we eat. Bees are magical. Bees are powerful. And So I present the Queen.

Behind her floats a representation of our sun; the bee's source of power that brings the flowers. Standing in for the sun is the 64 tetrahedron crystal, emanating overlapping layers of demarcated curved and liner space-time: the liner space being the vectors of the 64 tetrahedron grid, the curved space is formed by spheres various levels of division within the grid. The spheres overlap to create the "flower of life pattern."

After decades of fascinating research, Quantum physicist Nassim Haramein proposes that the 64-tetrahedron grid, the only true 3d fractal, is the structure by which the universe infinitely contracts and expands. He suggests that every galaxy, sun, planet, human, heart, cell, atom, particle, etc, from infinitely large to limitlessly large, has, at it's core, a black hole. These black "wholes" both receive and transmit the code of the universe and serve as our organizing anchor point, our nodes in the fractal matrix. So, it's not a stretch to use the 64 tetrahedron crystal as a stand in for the sun.