5 December 2017 - “Thomas fire” destroyed my studio, merch and 12 original paintings. Asking for donations restarting my life as a professional artist.

Dear friends and patrons, my home and studio has burnt to the ground.
At 3:45am on Tuesday December 5
th, my home and studio were consumed by the ‘Thomas” fire which continues its path through Southern California. We had enough of a warning that we got our pets safely into our RV along with 90% of my original paintings and the computer I’m writing to you from. Other than that we lost almost everything including:
    While I’m coping with having lost these creations, my material and financial loss has got me staggering and worried for the future. Many of you know I paint in my home studio in Ventura and make my livelihood selling my art, stickers and prints all of which I had stored at home with me on the night of the fire. And so I’ve lost my space and stuff with which I make my art, and also my inventory of art merchandise which was until a few days ago, the majority of my income. I never imagined finding myself in this position - asking for donations from my friends, family and fans - but here I am. I need your help rebuilding my life and art thing.

    Though I want to be clear I’m not asking for handouts; apart from my eternal gratitude, I would like to offer something in return to everyone who contributes to my general reboot. I’m going to keep track of every financial donation that comes my way and once I have an inventory of posters, stickers and other merchandise I will send care packages to everyone who contributed. Any amount is appreciated and will be put directly to work rebuilding my art empire. If you do not want anything in exchange for your donation I understand but would at least like to get you a thank you letter down the line. One small miracle is that a box of my sub-dyed hoodies happened to still be in the RV as we drove off. Anyone who donates $100 or more can have their pick of my very last hoodies. Remaining designs include “Pathfinder”, “Drama”, “Man in the Middle”, “Tzab Ek” and “Event Horizon”. Sizes range from XS-XL but availability varies by design and a list of available hoodies will be provided upon donation. I can ship these immediately until they’re gone. For those of you with a little more to contribute, I saved the majority of my original works of art and have four of them still available for sale listed below:
      The following two paintings were not intended for general sale but given the circumstances I would sell these in order to get everything back on track. The price is high, but these are two of my finest paintings and the time and energy I put into them are reflected in the price.
        Any donations can be sent directly through PayPal to Vajra@altaroftheheart.com. I have also set up a gofundme account if you’re more comfortable with that route though they take a percentage so paypal ends up being far better for me if you’re ok with that. I promise to get you back for your help in my time of need.

        2014 September - Autumn Update: Happy Equinox!

        With my summer festival tour complete, having travelled the country and then the world, I have returned to the studio to further develop a number of projects.

        I'm primarily focussing on "The Wish is granted" a painting I began live at Boom in Portugal for an audience of over 40,000 people from 152 countries, infusing the pulse of psytrance into the base layers of this epic painting. I'm so excited for this one, I find my eyes expanding every time I look at it. First I'm going to build a model then experiment with various lighting arrangements before completing the painting.
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        In the meantime, I've been working here and there on my emergent "Eye of the Heart" Series. It began with "Aguas Sagradas" a painting celebrating the wisdom of Mushrooms, the Awakening of the Heart and the Beauty of God, sketched in a Cathedral in Spain on my way back from Boom. The series also includes "Heart Web," and "Winged Hearts I and II." While this series doesn't necessarily reflect my usual style, it is from the heart and is a bit more expressive than some of my other work. Each eye looks back, from the depths of the infinite, into the soul. More to come. "Aguas Sagradas" and "Eye of the Heart II" are for sale, if interested, please contact me through the contact page in the navigation bar above.

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        Also, My friend Scott Maki has cast the prototype for my first piece of jewelry: the Alien Pendant featured in the painting "Tzab Ek." Cast in silver, the pendant features inlays of shell in the eyes, and labradorite in the central gem. The pendant will likely be a limited edition run, though we're not sure how many will be made and at what price. Stay tuned for further developments.
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        Summer Festival Updates!

        it's been a while since I posted which festivals I have going on and a lot has been added recently. So here is a complete list that I will update as dates are added of the festivals at which I intend to paint and show art

        Serenity Gathering: March 28th-30th - past -
        live painting / gallery

        Spring Freakuency: April 4th-6th - past -
        guerilla live painting

        Lucidity Festival: April 11th-13th - past - live painting / gallery

        Bicycle Day Weekend: April 19th and 20th - past - live painting / Tribe 13 gallery

        Enchanted Forest: May 29th-June2nd - definite - live painting / gallery

        Firefly: June 13th-16th - live painting, showing art in the Tribe 13 gallery, teaching workshop on visionary art construction.

        Blue Stargate: June 19th-23rd - live painting and showing art in gallery

        Rootwire: July 17th-20th - live painting, showing art in gallery, teaching workshop on visionary art construction

        Boom Fest (Portugal) August 4th-11th : showing art in gallery and live painting - Boomfestival.org

        12-12-2013: Live painting at Gem and Jam Festival 2014 in Tucson Arizona
        Stacks Image 1354
        I'm excited to announce that I will be painting live at this year's Gem and Jam in Tucson Arizona alongside Alex grey,my Friends Lofti, Jonathan Solter, and the Welch Brothers and many other talented visionary artists all to the electric pulse of the dance floor! Kalya Scintilla, Govinda, Desert Dwellers, I can't wait!

        I would love to see you there! it's going to be great! visit
        http://gemandjamfestival.com/ or the Gem and Jam Facebook Page for more information or to buy tickets.
        12-12-2013: Vine Of Spirits
        Stacks Image 1365

        "Vine of Spirits" 2013 Acrylic on Board 30"x30"

        I consider this my finest painting yet. After a couple of months in the studio, "Vine of spirits" is now complete!
        I began this painting at Bass mtn. and carried on work at Symbiosis and later, Lucidity at the Arlington. To all those who paid me a visit and showed their support THANK YOU! It was such a rewarding experience to paint this piece live. Now you can own your own copy of "Vine of Spirits."

        "Vine of Spirits" portrays an anthropomorphized spirit of the Ayahuasca vine, an entheogenic plant from the Amazon. The Spirit has the head and arms of a man, whose body morphs into the face of a hyper-dimensional jaguar, then to the coiled body of an anaconda, which ultimately tapers into the vine itself. Surrounding the central figure are Shipibo-inspired patterns and geometry.

        For more on this image, click please
        click here
        12-12-2013: Deep Space
        Stacks Image 1379

        "Deep Space" Acrylic and Photoshop 48" 2010-2013

        A few years ago, as I sat with my eyes closed in a sauna, I experienced the crown of my head opening to spiraling concentric whorls of flaming blue eyes, peering down into me. They ultimately opened into the infinite void. They were like omnipresent, omniscient, invulnerable guardians to one of the greatest mysteries of the universe—secret of Space.
        Space is everything. If you blow up a hydrogen atom to the size of a football field, it’s nucleus would be the size of a marble. Its only other component, an electron, exists in a realm of possibility, meaning it can be generally found blipping into and out of existence, located roughly in 3D
        patterns of probability called orbitals. Scientists have now discovered that the nucleus of an atom pops into and out of existence just as the electron does. Between the electron cloud and the nucleus is empty space—nothing else. What this means is that matter, your body, the sun, etc. is 99.99999999999% space (give or take a couple digits, and the 0.00000000001% “physical” material that makes atoms “solid” can disappear at any given point. What we experience as the physical world is a sensation of forces attracting and repelling one another, but we never truly touch anything—all there is, is space—the great emptiness within which the holographic universe unfolds.

        Why are we “all one?” Because we are
        all that space. What I was seeing was a portal into that great nothingness that permeates everything because it is everything. It was a humbling and exhilarating moment. And so I have made this art as a meditative portal for others to peer into or dive into the well of infinity.
        12-12-2013: Work in Progress: "Heart of the Hive"
        Stacks Image 1393

        "Heart of the Hive" Acrylic on board 18"x18"

        Recently my friend Kyle of Honeybrew asked if I was interested in creating some album art along the lines of a queen bee gazing at some sacred geometry. I thought with all their magic and the mysteries of space-time geometry, how could I go wrong?

        In the hive, bees work in total darkness, creating their hexagonal palaces from a wax gland on their heads with beautiful precision. They communicate by dancing - sensing one another's vibrations as a complex map detailing the loci of floral abundance. Our Apian allies are responsible for more than 1/3 of all the food we eat. Bees are magical. Bees are powerful. And So I present the Queen.

        Behind her floats a representation of our sun; the bee's source of power that brings the flowers. Standing in for the sun is the 64 tetrahedron crystal, emanating overlapping layers of demarcated curved and liner space-time: the liner space being the vectors of the 64 tetrahedron grid, the curved space is formed by spheres various levels of division within the grid. The spheres overlap to create the "flower of life pattern."

        After decades of fascinating research, Quantum physicist Nassim Haramein proposes that the 64-tetrahedron grid, the only true 3d fractal, is the structure by which the universe infinitely contracts and expands. He suggests that every galaxy, sun, planet, human, heart, cell, atom, particle, etc, from infinitely large to limitlessly large, has, at it's core, a black hole. These black "wholes" both receive and transmit the code of the universe and serve as our organizing anchor point, our nodes in the fractal matrix. So, it's not a stretch to use the 64 tetrahedron crystal as a stand in for the sun.

        I'm excited to get this painting finished. The Red layer is done, the shapes all "sculpted" with white paint, beginning work on the honeycomb today!
        10-6-2013: Vine Of Spirits
        Stacks Image 1252

        "Vine of Spirits" 2013 Work In Progress, Acrylic on Board 30"x30"

        Hi Everyone! I just returned from Bass Mtn Fest and Symbiosis Gathering where I began the painting "Vine of Spirits."

        I can't tell you how good of a time I painting this piece into being out in the open surrounded by so many supportive and loving people. This was my first year really putting myself out there as a visionary artist and the feedback has been phenomenal! At first I was nervous about the prospect of live painting, but as soon as I began, I realized a tremendous pleasure I hadn't anticipated. To all of those who paid me a visit while I worked THANK YOU! It felt as though I were able to draw in all the positive energy, appreciation and love and channel it into the painting, which made for an incredible painting experience empowers the painting in ways I had never imagined. I'm back in the studio now, and can't wait to share the finished piece with all of you!

        For more on this Painting or to comment, Click Here!

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        8-19-2013: Digitally "Altared" Art ~ "Event Horizon" and "Wayeb"
        I have been preparing a couple of images to print for a couple upcoming events. Something gets lost in the process of capturing images with even the highest quality camera. To compensate for the difference, I have retouched The following painting using photoshop. This also has allowed me to more accurately represent the visions of my mind's eye better than I could ever hope to physically paint them.
        Stacks Image 1073
        I present to you the digitally "altared" Version II of "Wayeb, which I painted at this year's "Firefly Gathering in Arizona. "Wayeb is a painting of an entity from the Mayan Underworld, ready to pull us through the veil of darkness if we fail to walk the earth with respect. For the whole story, click here. I've got posters, stickers and prints on their way!
        Stacks Image 1078
        Presenting "Event Horizon" Version II. This depicts a vision I experienced during a Kundalini awakening experience. At the End of a Fractal Wormhole was this being: a Blue woman whose head was flanked by that of an Orange Man and Green Child - Two polarities and their meeting point, or event horizon. I called her the 3Deity. For the whole story, please click here
        Stacks Image 765
        8-19-2013: The Growl

        In my days at UCSC, I majored in Environmental Studies. While I was well versed in the atrocities our species has committed against the planet, some days still managed to evoke in me a profound sense of frustration and anger. During a lecture on gold mining and its ramifications, I drew a face of elemental wrath, accompanied by the sentence “don’t worry humans, you’ll get yours.” Represented in the mask are the elemental realms of earth (the coyote in the masks forehead) Water and Sky (the fish and eagle out of whose mouths pear the eyes of the growl). The face was essentially that of nature’s vengeance for the crimes we have committed against the earth and it’s many inhabitants. I redrew the face recently to heighten the emotion it carries and further refine the initial sketch. I plan to bring this vision to life as a painting with the intention that it serve as a warning to humanity that there are forces waiting to recycle our species if we continue our foolish ways, much like the intention behind the painting “Wayeb.
        Stacks Image 762
        8-10-2013: Show at Retail Therapy in Ventura

        Hello friends, I've got the honor of being the first artist to show in Retail Therapy's Gallery space. We're having a "meet the artist" night to celebrate their gallery's premier and my first solo show. On august 22nd, from 6-8pm I'll be there showing the original paintings of "Pandora's Box" "Wayeb" "Event Horizon" and "The Tree of Knowledge". Prints of my art will be up for 6 weeks. Here is the Flyer, I hope to see you there!
        7-24-2013: The Cosmic Bazaar is Now Open!

        Now you can own your own copies of your favorite art works by Vajra. Purchase Stickers, Postcards, Posters and GIclee Prints through the shop at the Cosmic Bazaar today! All you need is a Paypal account.

        Your Generous donations go to fund the creation of more conscious art for the betterment of all beings.

        Thank you for your support!
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        7-15-2013: Showing of Original Artworks & Live Painting: Ventura Artwalk
        Hello friends. For those of you in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, I am excited to announce a rare opportunity to see some of my original paintings.

        I'll be showing originals of "Pandora's Box," "Event Horizon," "Wayeb," and the "Mask of Cosmic Vision" at this week's upcoming Ventura Art Walk outside of the WAV Building. I will also be painting live at the event, working on my current project "Tzab Ek" as well as selling prints, posters, postcards and stickers.
        Stacks Image 792
        "Event dates: July 20th (12-8ish) and 21st (12-5ish) 2013

        WAV’s first street fair!!! This street fair, EcoArt fest, is one of many of Ventura locations who have banded together to create a weekend for locals and visitors to explore the vibrant and diverse artists which make up the local community. "

        Here is a link to the Event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WAV for more info, to comment and RSVP.

        I look forward to seeing you there!
        7-10-2013: Project Updates: Wayeb

        HI Everyone, Today I put the final topcoat on the "Wayeb" Painting.

        Painting at the Firefly Gathering was a blast! Thanks to everyone who paid me a visit and for all the kind words. I made much progress and completed most of the painting there, drawing on the stream of creativity that showered our happy gathering in the high desert of Arizona.

        After a week in the studio, polishing the painting, crossing the T's and dotting the I's, I'm happy to announce the painting is finished.

        I'm having prints made this week. Feel free to let me know if you'd like one ahead of time and I'll have one printed just for you.
        Stacks Image 625
        6-23-2013: Project Updates: Wayeb

        HI Everyone, I am busily preparing for the Firefly Gathering in Northern Arizona which kicks off this Thursday!

        Not only will I be showing in the Gallery, but I'll be live painting as well. I'll be working, hopefully to completion, a painting titled "Wayeb" named after the five nameless days of the Mayan Solar Calendar. During Wayeb, the veils between this and other dimensions thin; thus special precautions must be taken to ward off and negate the ill will of shadow beings intent on crossing the threshold into this dimension.

        While Wayeb refers to five specific days, the painting serves as a general warning that if we do not take certain precautions during this crucial time in our planetary evolution, we may watch as civilizations crumble and a new era of extinction sweeps the globe.

        In the words of Steven Greer, "If we don't change our direction, we're likely to end up where we're going."

        Stay tuned, I'll share the final painting when I return from AZ!
        Stacks Image 586
        6-18-2013: Project Updates: Tzab-Ek and Wayeb

        HI everyone, I would like to fill you all in on what I've been up to.

        Progress has been slow but steady with the painting "Tzab-Ek" (meaning rattlesnake rattle; also refers the Pleiades in Mayan.) In the time that has lapsed since my last update on this project, I have been working and reworking the final sketch to a state of perfection. I am at last happy with the image and have begun the final rendering process beginning with the skin tones. Compared to the image in the "
        works in progress" section of the website, you can see how much the design has changed.

        Furthermore, as I gear up for the
        4th Annual Firefly Gathering in Northern Arizona at the end of June, I have begun a small study of the "Wayeb" image For the larger version which I will be painting live. To the right is a picture of it in its very early stages.

        I would love to hear what you all think, email me at vajra@altaroftheheart.com, connect with me on
        facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AltaroftheHeart (don't forget to like my page if you have not already), or send me a message through the "contacts" page of this site.

        Furthermore, if anyone out there is a wizard on rapid weaver, please share with me if you know how to create comment boxes for use with stacks. I would love some help in this department as web-design isn't my strongest skill.

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        Stacks Image 395
        Stacks Image 210
        6-18-2013: Vajra's Art to be Featured in Visionary Arts Book - Alchemistas: Beyond the Veil

        I am excited to announce that my art will be featured in the up and coming visionary arts book - Alchemistas: Beyond the Veil. The Book Features art from Visionary Artists the World over, including Luke Brown, Micheal Divine, Crystal Smith, Martina Hoffman and More.

        The men and women devoted to publishing this visual treasure could really use your support,
        click here to learn more about this exciting project and how you can help make this dream a reality.

        5-27-2013: Event Update - Live Painting and Visionary Arts Gallery

        Greetings everyone, I am excited to announce that I will be painting live at the 4th annual Firefly Gathering held at the end of June in the forest of Northern Arizona. Be sure to visit the Visionary Arts Gallery which will be showcasing my art as well as the art of other dazzling artists of this transformation day and age. I can't wait to see you there.
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        5-14-13: Updated Gallery Page

        The Gallery page is fully updated! Now you can click on the images to load pages with the stories behind the art, as well as larger views and detail images where applicable.
        Check it Out
        4-17-13: Altaroftheheart.com Now Hosting Sirius the Documentary!

        Hi Everyone, Sirius the documentary, is now available right here at Altaroftheheart.com. I am now a Sirius Affiliate and have signed up through Yekra to be an affiliate of the sirius documentary to officially host the documentary through AltaroftheHeart.com.

        Yekra Player

        Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.


        “Sirius” is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an Emergency Medicine doctor turned UFO/ New Energy researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques. Along the way, Dr. Greer investigates new technology and sheds light on criminal suppression. He accumulates over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses who testify on record about their first-hand experiences with UFOs and with the cover-up.

        In the course of his research Dr. Greer is asked to look at an amazing find: a humanoid specimen, 6 inches long from the Atacama Desert. Not until 2012 was he given permission to take bone samples and DNA from the specimen. At that same time a pre-eminent geneticist, hearing of this find, offered to do DNA testing. He enlisted an MD from the same university,- world renowned for his work with skeletal anomalies, to view the x-rays and CT scans. Their expertise along with Dr. Greer’s expansive knowledge of the subject bring more questions than answers. Where did this “Atacama Humanoid” come from? Are there others like it? What does it say about the origin of the human species?

        While on this odyssey, the audience gains a whole new perspective on technology, human evolution, and clandestine organizations who have manipulated and controlled the public for centuries.

        Sirius the Documentary follows Dr. Steven Greer and his team's ongoing mission in what might be the most fascinating topic the world has never known: extraterrestrials. Since the early 90's, Dr. Greer has been assembling a team of hundreds of government, military, and private sector officials who have pledged their testimony as well as documents regarding the presence of multiple alien species who appear to express great interest and concern for humanity and the planet we live on. The documentary exposes a long-standing cover-up and the reason why we have been kept in the dark for so long. What is powering these extraterrestrial craft, capable of inter-galactic travel? Not an internal combustion engine or nuclear reactor. What powers these incredible craft is technology that harnesses the energy of space itself.

        Think of a world freed from fossil fuels abundant with free energy for all - the end of fracking, Pipeline explosions such as the Arkansas Keystone explosion, oil pier catastrophes such as the deepwater horizons, Oil Spills such as that of the Exxon Valdez, the preservation of wild-lands such as the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve - besieged by the pimps of petroleum, an end to the strip mining and burning of coal, and a decline in global warming. What better gift could you give to the earth and all of it's inhabitants than to be a part of the movement to bring public free energy devices which for have kept secret for far too long - some of which have existed since Tesla in the early 1900s. The profits from $10 you donate to access this film DIRECTLY fund a FREE-ENERGY Laboratory.

        Along with all the witnesses, Dr. Greer and his associates at the Sirius Project have also gathered the worlds leading scientists in the field of physics, electrical engineering and the like to work together, in a secure laboratory facility, to develop and distribute working free-energy machines to the world within the next couple of years. For their own safety, as well as to be completely transparent, there will be a live internet stream 24/7 of the proceedings at the lab. One thing to understand is that WE are just as crucial to this movement as the scientists themselves. It is up to us to look clearly at the facts, get the word out, and they cannot do it without our support. The time has come.

        Thank you, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did - Vajra

        p.s. While the documentary is a decent primer, it isn't nearly as informative, nor as fascinating as Steven Greer's presentations and discussions available for free on youtube.
        Stacks Image 187
        4-9-13: Beginning to Paint!

        I have recently begun a piece which I hope will bring attention to the movement to disclose the role extraterrestrials have had in our species' evolution. Attached is the model I made for the painting.

        The vision portrays a Mayan man in full regalia, bedecked with a headdress and collar which tell of a historic and long standing relationship between the people of earth and other planets - a history long ago co-opted and withheld from the people of this planet.

        The Maya themselves, as well as the Egyptians, Sumerians, the Inca, The Chinese, Japanese, The Dogon of Africa, as well as, but not limited to, numerous Native North American Tribes, credit "Sun Gods" - descended from the stars - for everything they know of mathematics, architecture, astrology and various other fields of knowledge (some even with humanity's genetic evolution).

        I don't think this is a coincidence, or a myth. Their stories have too much in common. They all point to the same celestial bodies, usually either the nebula in Orion or the Pleiadean constellation (shown behind the Mayan Figure) as the point of origin for their extraterrestrial benefactors. They all tell of a great flood as well that occurred roughly ten thousand years ago, which obliterated the cultures we created using alien technology. Over 72 world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, all recount this flood, which likely came at the end of the last Ice Age - ten thousand years ago.

        For those of you who don't know, the dominant paradigm is that we had just discovered agriculture ten thousand years ago. Well then how is it that there are pyramids, sunken off of the coast of Japan which we can literally carbon date to prove that they went underwater ten to twelve thousand years ago? I'm not making this up, and the story we are told does not match the available evidence.

        This evidence is most prevalent when examining the stone structures of antiquity. There are pyramids, not just in egypt, but in South America, Central and north America, buried throughout China, and sunken off of the coast of Japan. While we have been told a story that these pyramids were tombs or temples built by slaves with copper tools (which don't even cut stone), out of blocks sometimes weighing in at 100, 200, even 1000 TONS (way to big to move even with today's technology) sometimes cut from quarries miles away, and constructed with degree of precision again impossible given even our current level of technology, it becomes clear to the critical thinker that the story we are given is a red herring.

        We know that there are extraterrestrial species who continue to this day to monitor and express concern for our species and earth - what is so far fetched about the notion that they saw some smart apes and decided to encourage their evolution, be it biologically or merely culturally, in the hopes that we would one day join the ranks of the interstellar community.

        Upon examining the evidence, it is clear to me that the Maya interacted perhaps even frequently with these alien benefactors as evidenced in their art, architecture, mythology, and impossibly complex understanding of celestial cycles, some of which unfold over the course of hundreds or thousands of human lifetimes.

        This painting is not to glorify the Maya, but to call attention to a salient example of interstellar cooperation and all we stand to gain with such an alliance. I hope that in our lifetime, we cultivate a sufficient degree of peace on earth that we may again learn from these vastly advanced societies and develop the Utopia we all know is possible. Imagine the possibilities of all the information and technology we would avail ourselves to if we were to reach out once more to the hand that's always been there.

        Upon completing the painting, I intend to approach either the Resonance project, headed by physicist and mystic Nassim Haramein, or Steven Greer's Sirius Foundation (his publicly funded lab for the development of free energy technology, which functions around the same space-time geometry and physics which are behind the energy and propulsion of E.T. craft. I hope to arrange, with one organization or the other, a celebrity auction to raise funds for their organizations. Both men are doing all they can to bring the world the truth, as well as save the planet in what little time we have left.

        For more on, credible information regarding aliens and our hidden history or to look further into Haramein's or Dr. Greer's work, please visit Nissim's website, theresonanceproject.org and Dr. Greer's siriusdisclosure.com. Both men have presentations and discussions readily available on youtube.

        Thank you for your time and support, please wish me luck as I embark on this painting.


        Kukulkan maquette, March 2013, modeling clay, paper and acrylic