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"Hunting Accident" 2008 Colored Pencil 7"x7"

A hunter gets a taste of his own medicine at the hands of this wrathful Bear God. I do not agree with the killing of non-human animals any more than I believe in killing humans. So if a person goes hunting, what is so shocking about the notions of reciprocity, equilibrium or balance? How about Justice?

One branch of humanity I can't wait to evolve are sport-hunters (and any other human who kills or harms animals for satisfaction). In this picture, a sport-hunter, out to shoot him some bears, gets a little justice at the hands of one. Perhaps in his next life, he'll be less eager to murder, knowing first hand how much it sucks to get killed. Perhaps death was a good-enough wakeup call, perhaps after his death experience and a trip through Bardo, he will come back a better person. If not, may he be eaten all over again, such is the just fate a sport-hunter.