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"Hands that Mold" 2006 Pen and Pencil 10"x13"

Crafted in a time in my life when I began realizing all the ways the powers that be have turned us into monsters by exploiting our more base characteristics. They have successfully created a whole class of humans eager to destroy not merely animals, or ecosystems, but human beings themselves. The two figures are obviously the same creature, though the one on the left has been mutated. His organizing field is polluted, jumbled, chaotic, while the being on the right is beautiful, orderly, flowing, smooth, his hands in prayer, pleading to the human inside the executioner, and yet understanding, compassionate, even in his destruction. This image is a microcosm for the violent culture we have co-created under the misdirection of the puppet masters. While I tend not to create such art anymore, I stand by the message. Wake up, reclaim your humanity.