"Wayeb" Version II. Acrylic paint and Photoshop 24"x36"

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Wayeb was conceived studying Mayan art for my latest painting "Tzab Ek". Most of the Painting was done at the 2013 Firefly Gathering in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Wayeb, the symbol for which is the centerpeiece of the necklace, are the five dangerous nameless days at the end of the Haab'. the Mayan Solar calendar. During Wayeb, the boundaries between this world and the underworld dissolved, allowing for the infiltration of ill-intending deities.Specific measures were taken by the Mayan people to counteract the negative influence of Wayeb. To me, this being is perhaps one of those dark-deities, and the vortex below a portal to the underworld. I named the piece after the days of Wayeb, because even if the name pertains to a particular portion of a the Mayan Sun Calendar, the warning of Wayeb applies now more than ever. Our species, and the planet as we know it, are in great peril. The barriers grow thinner between incarnation and extinction everyday. Beings like the one above, while gruesome, are here to remind us to pay attention in the way we walk the earth. Avoiding the darker side of the continuum is to ignore the warnings welling up around us.

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Original Painted Version 2013 Acrylic on Canvas 24"x36"

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Block In - 24" x 36"

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Final Sketch - 24"x36"

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Initial Sketch - 4"x7"

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Color Sketch - 8"x10"