"Pathfinder" 2012 Colored Pencil and Photoshop 24"x31"

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Pathfinder celebrates the Union of Opposites and the Miracle of Life.

In the center, a fractal, 64 tetrahedron grid collapses infinitely inward toward singularity. This geometry, embedded crop circles and in the imagery of mystic traditions throughout time and across the planet, is likely the structure by which the vacuum divides, by which the infinite becomes finite. It is the Black-whole at the center of all things, every atom, molecule, celestial bodies and all beings (Haramein, http://theresonanceproject.org.) This space-time geometry is our trans-dimensional navel to the quantum realm of infinite possibility from which all beings originate.

Adjacent to the center is a whorl of Rainbow trout representing the force of procreation. Fish, especially Salmon and Trout respond annually to their species' call to spawn, even if it means their death. The Second tier represents the sacred feminine. Here a Coyote mother, with two pups in her outstretched hands, and a Human Child arising at her Heart. A triploid rainbow loop unites the wombs of the three Den Mothers. All is protected under the great wings of the third and final ring. Golden Eagle is the central Animal here representing Masculinity.

The entire Mandala is framed by a feathered serpent. The feathered serpent is an amalgamate creature who has a long history in human consciousness representing the union of polarity, heaven and earth, bird and snake. This one is shown swallowing his own tail like Eroboros, the self-consuming snake - an alchemical symbol of ancient Europe representing Infinity and the notion that what has been will always be and the cyclical nature of reality. Life, death, and Rebirth.
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