“The Wish is Granted” (Work in Progress)

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“The Wish is Granted” Work in Progress by Vajra since 2014. Acrylic on Canvas 28”x60” ~ about 90% complete now

Above is a progress shot as of April 2017. You can see an immense amount of reworking the composition and addition of the last remaining details. From here on out it’s just refining detail and balancing light and colors.

"The Wish is Granted" portrays a Tibetan-Style wish-fulfilling dragon, spilling from the heavens, presenting humanity with the gem of the Earth. HIs message is simple - "you only get to make this wish once, so make it count".

After almost 3 years as an open tab, I’m gearing up to finish this painting, hopefully by the end of April/early May

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Early Progress shot after reworking the original painting based on the model circa 2016.
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Original painting circa 2014, left much to be desired. I really rushed the beginning of this painting, not doing the early work required to make the vision how I knew it should be. The body was weak, the hands childish, I knew I had a lot of work to go and working from my imagination was a bit taxing so I made a model based on the painting pictured below, so as to bring a heightened level of realism and drama to the painting.
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Following the advice of James gurney, I built a model from wire, tinfoil, clay, fake fur and glass eyes, all coiled up, it measures about 24” long. I built a diorama, lit the scene as imagined and gained valuable insight later applied to the structure and light of the painting.