“Ashes to Ashes”

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2015 Acrylic on Canvas 60”x96” (Sold to Private Collector) Collaboration between Vajra, Seth McMahon, Derek Heinemann, Gabriel Welch and Mark Henson. The 5 of us came together to bring forward a vision of the cycles of creation and destruction, flowing together through space and time. A Futuristic city explodes in the background, while meteors rain down on the Capitol Building, representing today’s society. In the foreground, a stone henge, representing civilizations come and gone, is sundered by the universal force of destruction, here shown arising from the very core of creation itself, the glowing torus in the upper left. The torus is the primary shape of the flow of energy, you can see it everywhere from the inside of an apple to the flow of stars through spiral galaxies, ever cycling, birthing x ray and dark matter which condense to stars along the galactic halo as energy turns to matter. Eventually those new stars travel back along the arms of the galaxy to the same cosmic core that birthed them. And the same cycle unfolds on our fragile planet, civilizations rise and fall from the dust of our great earth. But the ruins of one civilization are the building blocks for the next, so the stones of the henge civilization are seen wrapping back into the architecture of the civilization to the bottom left, pulled back into alignment by the toroidal field. Behind which are future civilizations thriving.
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