"Winged Heart II" 2014 Acrylic on Wood 8"x8"

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"Winged Heart II", painted on World Peace Day, is the fourth painting in the 'Eye of the Heart' Series, a small expressive set of studies aimed at developing techniques I am unaccustomed to, or ideas I've wanted to try in paint. While not representative of my usual style, they are none the less from the Heart.

This painting explored more "painterly" techniques than I am used to, and a color pallete I haven't approached in a while.

My style is almost always a slow, deliberate, precise and calculated, unfolding step by carefully planned step. This painting was the opposite, painted freely and quickly over another that wasn't working no matter how hard I tried. The experience was really enjoyable, and created a painting with colors reminiscent of my earlier, psychedelic style.