"Heart Web I ~ Heart of Hearts" 2014 Acrylic on Wood 9.5"x9.5"

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"Heart Web" is the second painting in the 'Eye of the Heart' Series, a small expressive set of studies aimed at developing techniques I am unaccustomed to, or ideas I've wanted to try in paint. While not representative of my usual style, they are none the less from the Heart.

Behind the central heart, a crystalline web expands outward, each of the four sides features a smaller, geometric heart, the tops of which connect back to the central eye because we are connected, we all share one breathe, one heartbeat, one mind. I thought there might be some significance to the numbers in this painting, so I counted the green sticks and their jeweled hubs: 33 sticks, and 44 gems.

Shots of the painting at various stages of progress, including the initial sketch

As you can see, I work in pretty thin layers of paint when building up the painted surface. I usually start with a monochromatic value map rendered in white over either black, red, orange or something like that. The second painting shows this step completed before I started glazing colors over the value map. Once colors are added, whites were brought back out over the glazes, and regalzed, the process goes on and on, alternating colored glazes and white layers, until the final white highlights This painting explored trip/pour/splatter type effects in white over a purple background, as layers of white were added, various glazes were washed over them, creating an organic rainbow colored backdrop for the carefully layered paint to follow. My goal was to allow these patterns to show through the central image. While I didn't accomplish exactly what I'd envisioned, it taught me what I need to do better next time.

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