Aguas Sagradas 2014 Acrylic on wood 18"x36"

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"Aguas Sagradas" by Vajra 2014, Acrylic on Wood 18" x 36" ~ Sold to Private Collector

"Aguas Sagradas" or "Holy Water" represents a vision that came through spontaneously after I ate "the sacrament" of a handful of "Golden Teacher" mushrooms in the Catedral de la Almudena in Madrid, Spain after my trip to Boom in Portugal. It is heavily influenced by the tone and style of the sacred art that surrounded me and steeped in christian iconography. I have always been blown away by the heart opening-beauty of mushrooms. They have brought tears to my eyes again and again, blinding me with the beauty of life and all those with whom I share it.

The tears are of neither joy nor sorrow, unjudged only felt. And so they flow in the painting, from the ocean within the heart, to the Sea below. But the Eye of the Heart, knows no difference, from its perspective, All oceans are made of the same Holy Water.

Seated above the Eye of the Heart, is a small cluster of Mushrooms, Golden Teachers to be precise, and their mycelium unfolds as twin double helixes, which unwind into the golden wings carrying the heart across the ocean of infinity.

Blessing the whole experience is a holographic Angel, palms out, whose heart explodes in a stream of energy condensing into the matter of the cosmos. The words which came through, which may have been those of the angel: "En Luz y Paz Nos Vamos" - "In Light and Peace We Go"

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