Tzab Ek

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“Tzab Ek” depicts a Mayan emissary to the "Sun Gods", illustrating the Mayan thread from the story of humanity's historic ties to extraterrestrial cultures - a history long ago discovered and withheld from the people of this planet. This painting is not to glorify the Maya, but to call attention to a salient example of interstellar cooperation and all we stand to gain with such an alliance. I hope that in our lifetime, we cultivate a sufficient degree of peace on earth that we may again learn from these vastly advanced societies and develop the Utopia we all know is possible.

"Tzab Ek" is Mayan for "Rattlesnake Tale" as well as the Pleiadian Cluster, the star system featured in the background, from which, according to the Maya, an extraterrestrial descended and brought the Maya their agriculture, language, math and calendar system, which is in fact based on the cycle of the Pleiades, based on an impossibly complex understanding of celestial cycles, some of which unfold over the course of hundreds or thousands of human lifetimes. It's the same story told the world over.

Following the discoveries, revelations and conclusions of Nassim Haramein ( I have come to believe that these "Sun Gods" heralded by this moniker by cultures around the world, from the Ancient Sumeria and Babylonia, to the Japanese, Chinese, the Dogon of Africa, to the Inca and Mayans (all pyramid building cultures) as beings who came from the stars to lift humanity to higher levels of wisdom and understanding. Our ancestors maintain that these "Sun Gods" – aliens descended from the stars – gave us everything that, essentially, makes us human. I don't think this is a coincidence, or a myth. Their stories have too much in common. They all point to the same celestial bodies, usually either the nebula in Orion or the Pleiadean constellation (shown behind the Mayan Figure) as the point of origin for their extraterrestrial benefactors.

They also similarly recount a great flood that occurred roughly ten thousand years ago, which obliterated the cultures that once flourished here. Over 72 world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, all recount this flood, which likely came at the end of the last Ice Age - ten thousand years ago. For those of you who don't know, the dominant paradigm is that we had just discovered agriculture ten thousand years ago. However, the more we analyze the evidence, the more we realize that far more complex and bewildering things than agriculture were going down in certain pockets of civilization. This evidence is most prevalent when examining the stone structures of antiquity. There are pyramids, not just in Egypt, but in South America, Central and north America, buried throughout China, and perhaps most notably, sunken off of the coast of Japan. The reason these submarine pyramids are so important is that because they went under water, organic life forms such as coral began to grow on them. Scientists have carbon dated the accretions closest to the stone and found that the aquatic deposits began 10-12 thousand years ago – the time of the last Ice Age and the great flood

While we have been told a story that these pyramids were tombs or temples built by slaves with copper tools (which don't even cut stone), out of blocks sometimes weighing in at 100, 200, even 1000 TONS (way to big to move even with today's technology), sometimes cut from quarries many miles away, and constructed with degree of precision impossible given even our current level of technology, it is becoming clear to the critical thinker that the story we are given is a red herring. The evidence is there to those who look that we were given a hand (perhaps even DNA) from beings who recognized in us a great potential. I believe that they are waiting for our species to mature that we may again work together as we likely did before, for a better planet, a brighter future and the advancement of consciousness.

The Emissary in this painting wears a head dress and collar that focus around the "Primal Dot" according to Dr. Sp Sabharathnam to be a mayan symbol, a 4x4 grid of squares said in Mayan codices to have mysterious powers. According to Nassim, and apparent to anyone who knows geometry, is one way the 64 tetrahedron grid looks from a particular angle. His claim is that primal dot is a 2D representation of the 3D fractal grid of spacetime itself. This shape appears over and over again, both coded in the history of the great and ancient cultures of the world, and in the crop circles coded to us by ET's. It appears as though more than anything they want us to know this geometry and realize it's applications, which include the potential of free energy, tapping into the infinite energy of space itself. Imagine the possible applications of all the information and technology we would avail ourselves to if we were to reach out once more to the hand that's always been there.

The Headdress features the temple of Kukulkan from Chichen Itza that marks the alignment of Earth, the Sun and the center of the Plieadean Cluster. Kukulkan is the Mayan Feathered Serpent who fascinated me in my childhood. To me the feathered serpent is on of the most suitable symbols to describe our species: a unique combination of terrestrial origin (snake) and celestial (feathers, wings) influence. At the base of the pyramid, a man sits in meditation, remote viewing the universe, seeking out nearby ETs and Vectoring them to the apex of the temple, where an ET craft beams down a visitor from another world. The Man's hear also bears 64 jade beads, again referencing the grid of spacetime.

The Collar he wears features 64 Jade and Blue Parrot feather scales which represent the 64 tetrahedron of the spacetime grid, the cosmic heart of every particle, person, planet, and pulsar. In the center, a pendant depicts and alien being, various spacecraft and depictions of primal dot. It is likely that the energy and propulsion systems of ET craft are based on the 64-tetrahedron grid geometry of space-time. Hence, Primal dot is depicted powering and emerging from the spacecraft in the painting. In the central square medallion behind the alien pendant, primal dot is depicted with an accompanying toroidal energy field emanating from the very lines of primal dot itself. On his shoulders, mystics emerge from the mouths of feathered snakes, admiring and lit by captive-blackhole technology handed down by the Sun Gods
For the elements used in this painting, I did significant research into the art and jewelry of the Maya, relying on colors which they used in murals and architecture, as well as materials available to them such as Jade, which they revered and used much more than gold in their adornments. The feathers depicted are either Macaw or Quetzal, whose feathers they also used frequently. The alien and ET Craft depicted in the painting are based on actual Mayan artifacts discovered at Calakmul in Campeche, Mexico, which depict various ET Beings and their ships. To see these artifacts presented by Nassim Haramein, click the link here
For more on this topic, please visit Nassim's Website, or search Nassim on youtube. "Crossing the Event Horizon" Which I have linked to here ---> - is a four part presentation Nassim has available on DVD. In it he presents a fascinating potential (and likely story) of everything you've never been told, but that deep inside you know, particularly parts three and four. Another source of credible information regarding aliens and our hidden history or to look further into Dr. Steven Greer's work at . Both men have presentations and discussions readily available on youtube. Both are working for the creation of a thriving, enduring, dynamic human culture that will one day join our brothers and sisters in the stars.
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Alien Visitor at the top of the Temple of Kukulkan

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Head Dress Detail: A crystalline "Primal Dot" glowing in the mouths of the plumed serpents of the head dress, above which a man sits in a state of "remote viewing" vectoring the ET above to the temple. Note the anti-gravitic effect on his hair, bedecked with 64 jade beads.
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Alien Pendant Detail: At the top, a medallion featuring primal dot as a 4x4 red grid with a toroidal energy field depicted in concentric rings of blue, turquoise, yellow and red) In front of this, a spaceship beams down the central alien. Peaking out from the bottom of the craft is a corner of primal dot. Finally, the alien cups in his hands another primal dot, shooting up and out of a rising UFO (between his elbows). This is all to indicate that primal dot, a 2D representation of the 3D 64 tetrahedron grid, is likely the energy source and propulsion used by ET craft.
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A Mayan Mystic gazes in wonder at captive-blackhole technology.