"Deep Space" 2010-2013 Acrylic Paint and photoshop 48" across

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A few years ago, as I sat with my eyes closed in a sauna, I experienced the crown of my head opening to spiraling concentric whorls of flaming blue eyes, peering down into me. They ultimately opened into the infinite void. They were like omnipresent, omniscient, invulnerable guardians to one of the greatest mysteries of the universe—secret of Space.

Space is everything. If you blow up a hydrogen atom to the size of a football field, it’s nucleus would be the size of a marble. Its only other component, an electron, exists in a realm of possibility, meaning it can be generally found blipping into and out of existence, located roughly in 3D
patterns of probability called orbitals. Scientists have now discovered that the nucleus of an atom pops into and out of existence just as the electron does. Between the electron cloud and the nucleus is empty space—nothing else. What this means is that matter, your body, the sun, etc. is 99.99999999999% space (give or take a couple digits, and the 0.00000000001% “physical” material that makes atoms “solid” can disappear at any given point. What we experience as the physical world is a sensation of forces attracting and repelling one another, but we never truly touch anything—all there is, is space—the great emptiness within which the holographic universe unfolds.

Why are we “all one?” Because we are
all that space. What I was seeing was a portal into that great nothingness that permeates everything because it is everything. It was a humbling and exhilarating moment. And so I have made this art as a meditative portal for others to peer into or dive into the well of infinity.