“drama” 2015 Acrylic on Wood 24”x60”

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"Drama" by Vajra 2015. Acrylic on Cradled Wood, 24"x60"x2" – original available for sale. "Drama" tells the story of the universe: the forces of polarity together are the engine of all things, large and small, one and all. In the center, is the 64 tetrahedron grid, discussed at length by physicist Nassim Haramein as being the fundamental pattern by which the universe divides and multiplies as an infinite fractal. The same shape is the architecture at the center of every atom, cell, human heart, planetary solar and galactic core, indeed at the center of every thing. What it represents in this painting is up to you, whether it be you heart and personal life, the planetary field and the drama of the world, or the universe itself. At whatever the level of division, the forces of polarity, or drama, are at work, here represented by the masks of Comedy and Tragedy. Comedy represents the creative force of the universe, here portrayed as a benevolent blue Matriarch with a fountaining crown of feathers. Tragedy represents the destructive force, but in all destruction there is transformation so the 'Monarch' wears a crown of butterfly wings. Every experience and occurrence, 'good' or 'bad', beautiful and painful, light or dark has it's place in the infinite evolution of the universe. And so polarity is here depicted as a perfectly balanced equation, fountaining from and returning to the same cosmic core in an ever-flowing toroidal field we know as life.
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