“Trials and Transformation”

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“Trials and Transformation” 2018Acrylic on paper mounted on Wood 18”x27” Original available for sale.

Like Nest, the original painting “Jester and the Jack O Lantern” Burned in the thomas fire. What blew my mind was that I actually painted the original version before the fire.

OnDecember 5th 2017 I literally became that little person watching a wind driven wildfire exactly that tall sweep across the land, devouring my home studio and many of my original paintings.

This felt pretty weird to go through, but in the end, I realized, just like the painting intended, that everything, every challenge, is here to help us rise into our highest selves and achieve our greatest potential as the diamond core of our being is tempered in the flames of life’s “challenges”

Like “Nest” the original never satisfied me , so when JnJ burned I took it as an opportunity to do the original vision justice. Making it stronger and better than before, just like me ;)

“The Jester and the Jack’O’Lantern” presents a human being boldly stepping into a ring of flame, face to face with fear itself. Empowered and centered in their self, the human stands fearless, seeing the specter of the Jack’o’lantern for what it is: a flickering specter, but a breath from the heart of a trickster spirit, smiling behind the scenes, there to help grow those who rise to the challenge.