"Nest ~ Phoenix Revion” 2019
Acrylic Paper Mounted to Wood 18"x24"

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The Original “Nest” Burned in the Thomas Fire on December 5th 2017 along with my home, studio and a number of other artworks. However, I took this as an opportunity to recreate life better than before, like a phoenix rising from the ash.

The original painting was “done” but it didn’t “do it” for me. This version represents what I originally experienced much more vividly, accurately, and potently. This is how it was supposed to be, so cheers to the fires of transformation. Lending to the phoenix rising energy, I took black ash from my home and mixed it into the paints in the shadow areas.

Below is a description of the original painting which this newer painting tells much better.

Nest portrays a hybrid-fractal entity, presenting himself, presenting himself, presenting himself infinitely inward at the heart (and outward depending on how you look at it). The story this painting illustrates is how our heart is our fractal gateway to the infinite, to source, singularity, god or whatever you call it. One only needs to go into the heart, and everything is there, forever.

He is made of human and bird parts, when I analyze my choice of imagery, I'd have to say that birds, feathers, wings, etc, represent our access to higher realms of consciousness, understanding, and wisdom.

64 rays of light emerge from the center point representing the 64 tetrahedron of the 64-tetrahedron grid of spacetime, the worlds only true 3D fractal, the most stable shape in existence, the telescoping fractal lattice through which ideas condense into form through the geometric division of space.

This geometry and its implications are discussed at length by physicist and mystic Nassim Haramein at his website, resonance.is, and his various videos available for free on youtube, such as "Crossing the Event Horizon"

This painting began Live at Serenity Gathering in the hills near my home in Southern California. It continued to evolve at Lucidity Festival, Spring Freakuency, and Rootwire in West Virginia. Thanks to all who appreciated the painting and its message as it came into being, and to all the musicians who's sonic vibrations worked their way through my brush as I painted.