Forged in Fire 2018 Acrylic and Ash on Canvas 12”x12”

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“Forged in Fire“ by Vajra 2018, Acrylic and ash on Canvas 12”x12”~ original available $1111

“Forged in Fire” is the second painting I made since the Thomas fire burned down my home and studio. I went back to the burnt ruins of my former home and collected a charred beam of wood from the rubble. I ground it down to powder, mixed it with acrylic medium and used it as the back background for this painting and two other Phoenix paintings.

It depicts a stylized version of the Phoenix from “From the Ashes” this one metallic in nature. I Wanted to make a painting of a metal phoenix playing on the idea that metal is forged in heat and flame.

My hope was through doing so I would capture some of the ‘rise from the ashes’ energy going forward in life. Interestingly, the day I completed this painting was an energetic turning point after which things actually started getting better.