"Event Horizon" 2011 Acrylic on 50" Masonite Triangle

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"Event Horizon" Version II: Acrylic paint and Photoshop 2013. Scroll to the bottom for the original painted version.

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Event Horizon depicts a vision I experienced during Shaktipat Initiation with Dr. Gabriel Cousins (http://www.treeoflife.nu/). During a classical Kundalini awakening experience, I flew through a blue and purple fractal wormhole represented in this painting by the Mandelbrot fractal that borders the central image. Floating forward on the black lake of the infinite void is a lotus bearing the jewel of this vision: a three-headed Deity, accompanied by two Dharmapalas in the form of serpents emerging from the painting’s vanishing point. For me, the 3Deity - the Blue Goddess, the Orange God and the Green Child - represents the union of polarities and their event horizon, as it was an embodiment of the feminine, the masculine and their progeny. My goal in painting this was to honor as well as capture and recreate the experience and its associated waveforms such that they bring you closer to or even catalyze such an experience in the viewer.

During Kundalini experiences the heart becomes a crucible for spiritual forces descending from the heavens and arising from within us. It is said that Kundalini energy, typically depicted as a coiled serpent, lies dormant, curled up within everyone in the Muladhara, or first chakra. When she awakens, she spirals up the Sushuma, or central energy channel, clearing and activating the body’s seven chakras. Once the crown chakra's thousand-petaled lotus opens, the feminine Kundalini energy and descending cosmic energy (typically described as Male) merge in a continuous stream that unites the individual with the ONE.

It is here, at her heart, that the Blue Goddess, holds a geometrical representation of God. It is depicted as the union of an orange star tetrahedron (a masculine shape) and blue cuboctahedron (or dymaxion, a feminine shape). These shapes perfectly balance one another; furthermore, all of the associated vectors of force comprising their combined shape are in perfect equilibrium. Theoretical physicist and mystic Nassim Haramein calls this the only true and stable 3D fractal (theresonanceproject.org.) He describes a universe in which there is no smallest particle or largest form, only an infinite continuum of being, expanding and contracting, using this fractal as it’s mean of division. Everything that is, has coalesced around a point in this fractal web. What this ultimately means is that this geometry is at the heart of every particle, every being and all celestial bodies. From quarks to quasars, everything is united by this invisible fractal matrix. It is the ultimate Event Horizon, the transmitter and receiver of all that is, the great unifier at the heart of everything in existence. Typically, the Anahata chakra of the heart is depicted within a green, 12-petaled lotus. In this Painting, it is represented by a green dodecahedron, the twelve- sided, fourth of five Platonic solids. It is located within the blue and orange crystal - a heart within the heart.

Meanwhile, the God and Child gaze in love and wonder at two humans, a mortal man and woman, miniature fractal replicas of the gods themselves. The humans are depicted with glowing chakras, seated in meditation within Merkabas - Kabalistic vehicles of ascension.

Arising from the central eye of their crown of infinite vision, is a modified caduceus of feathered serpents. The symbol of the feathered snake represents the union of earthly (snake) and celestial (Bird) Energies. They spiral around a mandala depicting the holy union of a sperm and egg. The serpents protect, celebrate and herald this sacred seed, this fractal node of humanity. Above floats a symbol, which came to me in a dream: a swirl of blue (mother,) orange (father,) and child (green.) I later discovered that this symbol, depicted in different colors, is a symbol for Tibetan Buddhism, a system that emphasizes the heart as our spiritual core.

Behind it all is a two-dimensional representation of the invisible web connecting us all. In the days I spent painting this experience, I had a vision of perfectly spaced dots pulsating as a blue field of infinity. As each heart beat, it sent out a ripple of love, which inevitably rippled through the hearts of its neighbors and beyond. I smiled when I realized what I was seeing to be the pattern of the Flower of Life, a theoretical geometric grid of the fundamental fabric of reality. In the painting, the hearts are represented by a raised dot in the center of an expanding, blue circular heartbeat penetrating and uniting the center of the six surrounding hearts, reminding us of our inter and intra connections to one-another, All that is, was and ever will be. Again, the purpose of this painting is to serve as a portal into these subtler realms, that you may connect with the truth and beauty of the experience. One way to amplify the experience would be to engage the mantra that helped catalyze this experience I have tried to paint for you. During the meditation, Gabriel implored us (as I implore you now) to use the mantra, Yod Heh Wah Heh, One of the Hebrew names for God, given to Moses by the Burning Bush. We were to visualize the following pattern of the flow of energy along with the syllables of the mantra: Yod - energy gathering in the heart; Heh - energy spiraling out of the heart; Wah - energy gathering in the third eye; Heh - that energy from the third eye moving out through the heart. Hence, the symbols Yod Heh, are depicted in Front of the 3Deity's Heart, and Wah Heh at the Third Eye.
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Original Version Painted in Acrylic 2011