“How ‘Bout an Apple” work in progress, acrylic on wood

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Above is a digital draft over the original painting showing more the direction the painting is going. I think I’m going to intensify the atmosphere by dropping a layer of night washes of deep blues to pop the orange light in the foreground. still not sure how to paint adam and eve. I haven’t worked on this painting much in the last couple years but am looking forward to finishing the tale, just gotta let it incubate.

“How ‘Bout an Apple” is my personal take on the mythology regarding the Forbidden Fruit our ancestors ate in the garden of Eden.

My thought was that perhaps this ‘yaweh’ character of the old testament, who demands that we worship only him, and do unto ourselves and others all manners of atrocities in his name, wasn’t necessarily, the god of creation, but perhaps just a narcissistic, and vindictive demigod or spirit somewhere down the chain. Among his many commandments was that we stay the hell away from his tee of knowledge. As the story goes, a serpent suggests that if we eat from the tree of knowledge, we would know the wisdom of “the gods”. We do, and a vindictive yawed kicks us out of the garden before we can eat from the tree of life, and the snake gets blacklisted for millennia.

In the interpretation I’m setting forth, the snake is on our side, here depicted as an angel of wisdom. Where the branches of the tree of life and the tree of knowledge overlap, a golden apple is formed. it is this golden apple the serpent hands down as Eve and Adam, together, reach up from a jungle of psychedelic plants to accept the gift.

There are infinite ways of knowing, many ways to open our direct connection, to open the doors of perception to the infinite truth and beauty within and without us, uniting us all in this web of existence, knowing itself through it’s myriad forms and reflections – meditation, ecstatic dance, chanting, fasting, sensory deprivation, the list continues. Though, as many who have experienced psychedelics know, this path can be extraordinarily direct, profoundly transformative, and effective mystical experience, one in which the revelation comes from within, where the heart cracks open to the full joy and suffering of the world, one which inspires us to live from the heart, to cultivate our connection to the one through our connections to all.

For this reason, I plan to portray Eve and Adam rising up from a jungle of psychedelic plants of historic use from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians through contemporary cultures from Africa to the Amazon, North and South. This is but one of many paintings of mine portraying these incredible plants into the proper light that they deserve - as our allies and teachers and gateways to god.

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